Important Information

We strongly advise that if your PCR test falls on a Saturday or Sunday, you take your test, and post your test sample in your nearest Royal Mail Priority Post Box by 12 noon.

You are allowed to leave your quarantine address to go to your nearest Royal Mail Priority post box and return straight away.

Find the location of your nearest Royal Mail Priority post box by clicking here

Advantages of using our Services

We're Small

As a new Start-Up, we only sell relevant products. That means we can react faster to your needs and guarantee delivery of your product direct to your quarantine address in the UK. We ship your purchased kit the day before you travel into the UK. This gives you peace-of-mind to travel safely and with confidence. We are listed on the Government website and our Testing Partners use CE-marked Covid-19 tests. Our Partners also use the Lighthouse UKAS-accredited laboratories.

We're Very Small

Once you have received your self-administered test, and, where relevant, have returned it to the Test Lab, our small team will go to work to ensure, where relevant, your test results are delivered to you by email within 36 - 48 hours of your completed test being confirmed as received by the Lab.

And We Care

You can contact us by Phone, by E-mail or by Live Chat 24hrs a day - all messages will be answered and replied to by our small team as fast as we can. We know there will always be last-minute questions and changes and we will always try to help you.

So Here's How to Contact Us

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